Predator Control

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Establish Predator Control with Motion Decoys and More

Outdoor critters often come and go as they please, but you can keep them away for good by using our animal decoys and predator control supplies. Our collection includes a wide variety of products, from pond turtle traps to fish caves and solar lights.

Whether you're targeting birds, mink, or other wildlife, we have a solution for all types of species that may pose a threat to your pond or lake. Our assortment of floating decoys, which includes mobile alligators and swans, are especially effective due to their lifelike appearance. These decoys float freely as the wind propels them across the water, imitating natural movement that effectively deters predators. We also have other motion decoys available, such as our solar owl supplies, which have a rotating head in a full 360-degree circle or flapping wings.

If your targeted predator shares the water with your pet fish, we recommend trying one of our live animal traps for sale. These galvanized steel cages can catch and trap multiple turtles, larger fish, and muskrats that are disrupting your habitat. At The Pond Guy, we don't let predators create a problem in your pond or lake – take control of your property with our animal decoys and accessories.