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Order Pond or Lake Dye and Improve the Appearance of Your Pond

A clear pond sparkling in the sun is a lovely sight. But too much sunlight can harm your pond's balance and appearance. Pond dyes help restore and maintain that balance by blocking specific portions of the sunlight spectrum, reducing the amount of light that algae and submerged plants receive, and keeping their growth in check. Our selection of pond dye offers you a range of options from top brands, with several colors to choose from.

Choosing a color of dye for ponds is a matter of aesthetics, but it is important to consider the environment around your pond and match the pond shade to a hue that will look striking and natural in its setting. We sell several different shades of blue pond dye; blue is an ever-popular color that contrasts beautifully with dense green foliage surrounding the water. If you need to correct brown or gray water, you can buy black pond dye, which creates an eye-catching mirrored effect that reflects the surrounding landscape.

To learn more about pond dye, including how to choose a color and how to apply the dye to your pond or lake, visit our Learning Center resource Pond Dye: The Essential Guide. Shop The Pond Guy's great selection of pond dye and dye for lakes products now, and enjoy a beautiful pond all year long.