External Pond Pumps

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Bigger Ponds Benefit Most From a Non-Submersible Pond Pump

As opposed to the submersible pond pump alternative, which performs best when used for smaller ponds, an external pond pump operates constantly above water and is designed for use in bigger ponds. Because this type of pond pump features a more powerful motor, and is thus able to move water with higher frequency, non-submersible pond pumps are a go-to option for pond owners who value maximum productivity.

Creating water circulation with ease, one of the biggest benefits of going with an external pond pump is energy efficiency and the monthly savings that come with it monetarily. If pumping more water while using less electricity to do so sounds appealing, going the above-water route is probably right for you and your water garden. The fact that non-submersible pond pumps aren't underwater also makes them more accessible and easier to maintain, providing more convenience. In addition, external pond pumps also don't have to combat floating debris and other particles like the submersible pump variety, making for less routine cleaning and no worries about clogging.

Here at The Pond Guy, all the non-submersible fountain pumps we offer you feature sturdy, well-made materials that are built to last. Shop our dependable selection of external pond pumps today to get a product that will elevate your water garden for years to come.