Waterfall Weirs

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Waterfall Weirs and Spillways Beautify Water Features

With a single, ready-to-use waterfall spillway, you can easily establish the soothing sight and sound of cascading water created by your own water feature. Select waterfall spillways from top brands here today.

Browse several spillways from Atlantic, Aquascape, and Blue Thumb, offering durable and top-performing products you’ll cherish for years. Made of strong materials such as stainless steel, our collection of waterfall weirs is designed to stand the test of time. A pond waterfall spillway from The Pond Guy offers simple installation, leak-proof operation, and many other top-notch features.

If you’re in search of an advanced waterfall weir from our selection, perhaps one of our lighted or color-changing options will suit your needs. These decorative models add a distinct glow to your landscape, illuminating your water feature with vibrant colors and patterns. Awe your family, friends, or neighbors with one of the waterfall spillways available at The Pond Guy today!