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A Range of Options - Including External and Submersible Pumps for Ponds

At The Pond Guy, we know ponds, and we're committed to helping our customers create and maintain beautiful water gardens. Our large selection of pond pumps includes submersible pond pumps and external pond pumps, all built to last by top manufacturers including Aquascape, Atlantic, and our own The Pond Guy brand. External and submersible pond water pump options offer dependable performance and energy efficiency, and some of our pond pumps can be installed either submerged or inline, offering you flexibility in your pond design and upkeep.

We offer a wide range of pumps for ponds, with choices to fit any pond size. In order to ensure you order the right pump, you'll need to take into account the head pressure of your feature and your desired koi pond pump flow rate. Those measurements will help you determine whether you need a small or large pump. For a more detailed explanation, check out the How to Choose a Pump article in our Learning Center.

Have additional questions about ordering the right pump for a small pond? Whether you're searching for a large or small pond pump, we can help – just contact us.