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Building a pond is easier than it sounds, and with the help of a pond kit from The Pond Guy, you can have a tranquil water feature on your property even if you've never built one before. We offer multiple sizes of pond kits so you can create the perfect water garden that fits the size of your yard. Our koi pond kits work well for welcoming fish and aquatic plants or any standard backyard project.

Once you've created the basic structure of your pond using one of our pond kits, you can enhance its beauty with our wide range of lighting and décor options. We also offer a selection of pond kits with waterfall features, so that you can create a peaceful retreat in your own yard with the relaxing sound of running water.

If you need additional information on pond building while you're shopping for a pond kit, check out our article on How to Build a Pond, which walks you through the necessary steps to turn a garden pond kit from us into your own backyard spectacle. Browse our backyard pond kits now!