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Select a Water Feature Basin Kit for Quick and Easy Setup

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space but don't want to spend too much time doing so? Let The Pond Guy save you time with a fountain basin kit, which comes with everything needed to complete the pondless installation process and enjoy the natural beauty of falling water sooner than later.

In addition to a fountain basin reservoir, our kits come ready to use with each individual piece required to create a soothing waterfall. To go along with the water basin for your fountain, you'll also receive a pump, tubing, fittings, and accessories including sealants or anti-splash mats.

If you're interested in turning one of your existing outdoor vases into an operating water fountain or spillway, choose our available conversion kit to simply transform your decorative piece. This kit comes with one of our fountain basins, in addition to all the other necessary supplies. Create and establish a more peaceful setting for all to enjoy with a fountain basin and accessories from The Pond Guy. All it takes is one of our basin kits to enjoy the sight and sound of trickling water any time you wish.