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A clean pond is maintained by you. At The Pond Guy, we offer pond water treatment products that make your job easier and help you maintain a beautiful, clear pond or water garden. Pond treatment can refer to a range of water maintenance solutions, and we have your water treatment plan covered with a wide selection of affordable, effective koi pond cleaner products.

Whether you're looking for pond treatment chemicals or a more natural solution, you'll find what you need here. Our selection of products includes algae removers, water conditioners, and test kits. We also offer chemical-free koi pond cleaner options like helpful bacteria and barley in a variety of forms, including pellets, straw, and extract.

If you're new to water gardening, check out the helpful articles in our Learning Center. We have resources on a range of topics, from Algae Control to Natural Water Treatments. Maintain a beautiful, clean pond - shop pond treatment today and get free shipping on all orders over $99!