Fountain/Spitter Pumps

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Enjoy Decor and More With Pond Spitter Pumps

If you want to quickly add personality to your water garden and surrounding outdoor space, buying a pond spitter and pond spitter pump is the perfect way to create charm while also receiving additional benefits that will help improve the overall quality of your pond.

At The Pond Guy, our collection of pond spitters features fun fountains that gently spout water and create a soothing trickling sound for continuous entertainment. From frogs, dogs, birds, and much more, you will love the character and realism that our products deliver. In order to run your pond spitter or similar-sized decorative fountain, you will need a small pond fountain pump to generate the perfect amount of power to project the stream of water into your pond. Many of our pumps can be placed underwater so they're out of sight and out of mind, making small submersible fountain pumps a favorite choice for customers who seek top performance without having to visibly see all the supplies.

Just as pond spitter pumps work to make your water fountain a focal point of your pond, they're also a key component that contributes to the well-being of your entire water garden. As well as running your spitter, fountain, or waterfall, our pumps keep water constantly moving in your pond. And by preventing water from being motionless, these small pond fountain pumps help protect against algae growth and the existence of mosquitoes. Select the right pond spitter pump for you, and enjoy a peaceful retreat for years to come.