Fish Care

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Keep Fish Lively With the Best Koi Fish Care Supplies

Here at The Pond Guy, we know what it takes to properly raise and care for the fish currently living in your outdoor pond. With a wide variety of koi pond supplies and goldfish pond supplies for you to consider from us, we want to make sure you have instant access to all the best supplies for your own pond setup so that you can ensure that your pets are lively, happy, and thriving throughout the seasons.

Because koi fish care is an ongoing process from infancy to adulthood, there are many koi supplies, goldfish supplies, and fish treatments you'll need for each step of the way. Some of the products on this page are recommended for regular use while others only need to be utilized periodically, but all of them work together to maintain an underwater environment fit for your fish. From heavy-duty fish nets used to handle your koi with care to test kits that monitor water quality, we have everything you need.

Our fish treatments range from stress reducers to bacteria control products, each of which is designed to always keep your fish safe. Following best koi fish care practices on a consistent basis not only helps prevent the spread of potential diseases that could harm your fish but also gives you the peace of mind that you're doing your part to protect your pets. To learn more about how to properly care for your fish, visit our Learning Center and read our Fish Care article today.