Surface Aeration

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Preserve Water Quality With Pond Surface Aerators

Having an operating surface aerator is essential to continuously keep the water in your pond or lake moving, which helps establish and maintain the water quality you're looking for throughout the year.

At the Pond Guy, we offer surface aerators for ponds and lakes from two of the highest quality brands on the market – Kasco and Power House. Our selection of products effectively performs in ponds as little as half an acre up to five acres and comes in voltage ranges of 110-120 volts and 220-240 volts. Shop by brand, pond size, or voltage on this page to ensure you're choosing the right surface aeration system for your specific setup, and contact us if we can help!

The floating surface aerators, replacement motors, dock mounts, and other supplies you'll find here are designed to escalate oxygen levels and decrease debris and algae growth, helping lead to consistent water clarity in ponds and lakes. If you're in the market for a surface aerator or related parts, look no further than The Pond Guy. Start shopping with us today!