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Buy Barley Products for Your Pond and Enjoy Cleaner Water

Choose an all-natural water garden treatment by using pond barley straw, extract, or pellets from The Pond Guy to help grasp the water clarity you're looking for. Go with pond barley bales wrapped in mesh netting or select from our liquid pond barley extract options, each of which are proven ways to treat the water in your outdoor pond.

While barley may be best known for being one of the first cultivated grains, having rich vitamin and mineral properties, and as a common ingredient in foods and beverages, it's also very effective in keeping water gardens clean and clear. Some of our customers prefer pond barley straw bales because of their ability to work for up to 6 months after floating atop the water's surface for 6-8 weeks, where others favor another one of our options due to the untidiness these mesh bales can leave behind. Where straw bales can generate natural debris, pond barley extract, pellets, and beneficial bacteria can provide the same benefits as pond barley straw without the unwanted mess.

No matter which barley products you select from us, we are sure you'll be happy with the cleaner, clearer water in your pond as a result of your purchase. Shop our full collection of barley straw for sale today to find the water treatment product that's right for you and your pond!