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Clear the Way for Ideal Water Conditions with a Pond Circulator

Whether you want to prevent algae blooms or keep pests away from your boat dock, using a water circulator in your large pond or lake can help accomplish both year-round.

With a propeller attached to a motor, a pond circulator is designed to keep your water moving so it doesn't become stagnant. Water circulators are effective in keeping debris away from shore, preventing mosquitoes from breeding in still water, and deterring weeds and algae from growing near your property. If you deal with winter weather, a lake water circulator even provides ice protection.

At The Pond Guy, we carry circulators from two of the most trusted brands in the industry – Kasco and Power House. You can select from multiple types depending on your waterside setup, installing your Power House or Kasco water circulator using a dock mount, shallow water stand, or a rope to secure your floating device. Order your water circulator and accessories today!