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Pond muck (sludge) is decaying organic matter from dead plants and animals. It is an excellent food source for algae and aquatic weeds, but too much muck - besides being stinky - can feed an overgrowth of weeds, algae, and even leeches. Pond sludge remover uses beneficial bacteria to help keep the organic matter at a low level, and muck removal tools let you manually clear the muck away.

You can avoid the need for reactive treatments like herbicides and algaecides with a proactive and natural pond muck removal strategy. Proper aeration increases the number of helpful bacteria in your pond or lake by providing them with an adequate oxygen supply. If you need to add additional beneficial bacteria, you can do so with a muck removal product; we offer a selection of excellent pond muck removers from Airmax®.

An additional option for natural pond or lake muck removal is to manually remove organic matter from the bottom of your pond with a pond rake. We offer well-built muck remover tools that help you efficiently remove submerged debris. For more information on muck remover for ponds, visit our Learning Center article on How to Eliminate Muck.

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