1/2 HP Fountains

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Add a 1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain for Beauty and Aeration

For ponds up to half an acre in size, The Pond Guy's 1/2 HP pond fountains provide the perfect balance of power and beauty. Enjoy unmatched elegance and proper aeration when you buy one of these fountains from us today!

Our 1/2-acre pond fountain collection delivers both visual and audible appeal, producing an eye-catching cascade of water to go along with soothing trickling sounds. Whether you're looking to establish a stunning display that will attract onlookers or a relaxing place outdoors to unwind, our fountains will provide the result you're in search of. The 1/2 HP pond fountains we carry also offer features like multiple spray patterns, optional LED lighting sets, and so much more.

In addition to its presence as a decorative piece, installing a pond fountain will help your water stay moving constantly as well as introduce essential oxygen to the environment. Both outcomes will contribute to a cleaner pond and a thriving underwater habitat with appropriate nourishment. Shop the 1/2 HP pond fountain selection at The Pond Guy to instantly elevate your outdoor space.