Windmill Aeration

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Select the Style, Size, and Location of Your Pond Aeration Windmill System

When it comes to choosing a windmill pond aerator from The Pond Guy, you have multiple options from the get-go. What kind of aesthetic design are you going for? We offer two types – a wooden finish representing rustic charm or galvanized steel for an industrial look. You can also choose the desired height of your windmill aerator, from a 12-foot windmill to one as high as 24 feet tall.

The higher your pond aerator windmill stands, the more wind it can access, which equates to enhanced water circulation in your pond or lake. For larger bodies of water, the purpose of using a windmill for pond aeration is simple – it acts as a supplemental source of energy and reduces the amount of electricity needed to achieve intended oxygen levels and water clarity. Wind-powered pond aerators can be placed as far as 1,000 feet away from your water feature for ponds as deep as 15 feet.

If you live in a remote location, own a pond up to a single acre in size, and receive consistent wind speeds as low as three to five miles per hour, a 12-foot windmill aeration system may just be the perfect setup for you. Are you still trying to confirm it's the right option, or do you need a 24-foot pond windmill aerator? Read The Pond Guy's article in the Learning Center to further evaluate which type of aeration system is right for your pond. Shop aeration windmills for ponds that are made in the USA and receive free shipping!