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With pond and lake rakes, nets, debris skimmers, and weed cutters, The Pond Guy has a variety of pond and lake weed removal tool products and lily pad killer products that help clear out unwanted and/or mounting vegetation.

Whether you're looking to save time on maintenance with a professional-grade mud rake that efficiently dresses beach sand and removes bottom debris, or a weed cutter that trims cattails extending past the pond's edge, we have a pond weed removal tool that can help complete the task at hand in a hurry. Our tools even make it possible to manage the hardest to reach spots, with multiple cutters featuring pole lengths up to 12 feet.

Weed removal tools for lakes are an essential accessory to have in your maintenance arsenal. Not only do they give you access to equipment that can make an immediate visual difference, but they can also help prevent future growth and ensure your water is clean and clear. Order your pond and lake weed removal tools from The Pond Guy today and earn free shipping on all orders over $99.