Fountain & Pondless Treatments

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Stay Clean, Clear, and Confident With Fountain Water Treatment

Help prevent and manage the natural buildup of debris and bacteria growth in your water garden with the selection of fountain cleaning products found at The Pond Guy. Regularly treating water features, waterfalls, and other pond decor with our water feature water cleaner products help achieve a balanced ecosystem that works to keep your water clean and clear all season long.

The supplies we offer come in a wide variety of treatment types, from automatic dosing systems to concentrated liquid formulas. Our dosing systems are the perfect choice for those who prefer to set it and forget it, as this option gradually adds water treatments into your water feature automatically. These dependable electronic dispensers ensure your water always receives the proper amount of fountain cleaner based on the size of your feature, and also gives you the ability to adjust and program the device's settings. In our collection of algaecide for fountains, we carry formulas like FeatureFix and FeatureClear, which are designed to treat up to 800 gallons of water by distributing concentrated beneficial bacteria into smaller fountains and pondless waterfalls.

If you're in search of an efficient way to minimize algae growth and other impurities, look no further than our fountain algae cleaner products! Browse our full assortment of supplies today to find the water fountain cleaner that's just right for you.