Pond Spitters

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Garden Water Fountains Bring Peace and Whimsy to Any Outdoor Space

A spitter fountain adds water movement and creates a whimsical focal point in an existing water garden or water feature. Pond spitters can also be incorporated into traditional landscapes when combined with a small reservoir to add a relaxed element to any garden with limited space.

Enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water and delight your visitors with ornamental statue fountains, including bird and frog fountain spitters. Our garden pond spitters for sale are crafted from a durable polyresin that mimics the finish of brass. The material can be used to create fountain statuary with an amazing amount of detail. It is also UV and heat resistant and lasts for years of outdoor enjoyment without fading.

Spitters for ponds are easy to install. You can add koi pond spitters to an existing water feature, or choose from our high-quality options to replace an old or fading fountain. If you're installing from scratch, don't forget you'll need to pair the water spitter for your pond with a water fountain pump and tubing. Have questions about our water spitters for ponds? Just get in touch with us - we know ponds!