Algae Control

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Grasp Fountain Algae Control With a Great Selection of Supplies

If you're dealing with algae growth in your pond and want to put a stop to it before it becomes more widespread, pond algae treatments from The Pond Guy provide a wide range of preventative and fast-acting supplies that will help you better manage your water conditions.

Our algae treatment collection includes algaecides, UV clarifiers and sterilizers, ionizers, and an assortment of replacement products - all designed to make pond management more efficient and effective for you. Whether you need to immediately remove algae from your water garden or eliminate discolored water all season long, we have everything you need to enjoy the true beauty of your outdoor pond. At The Pond Guy, we aim to take the worry out of fountain algae control!

From periodic liquid treatments to more permanent pond equipment, you will find items on this page that will not only kill and remove living algae submerged beneath the water's surface but also products that will turn your water from green to clear. Over time, using our pond algae treatments will make a noticeable visible difference as well as improve the overall clarity of your pond. To learn more about how to provide your pond with the proper algae treatment care, read our collection of algae control articles in our Learning Center. Browse our supplies to find the pond algae treatments you need today!