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Cover Your Water Garden With Netting for Fish Pond Protection

Make sure your pond stays clear of unwanted debris and predators by using protective pond netting, reducing the amount of regular maintenance required, and preserving water clarity. At The Pond Guy, our mesh pond covers are easy to secure and lay flat so your view of the surrounding landscape is never hindered.

Our lightweight but durable pond covers can be held down using ground stakes, set in place, and secured around the perimeter of the water garden. If stakes aren't the best option for your pond setup, our faux rocks will provide a great alternative that fits into any landscape naturally, with plenty of sizes and weight to fasten your protective pond netting. To ensure your mesh pond cover is prepared to keep out fallen leaves and other debris, we recommend spreading out your netting so it's tight enough to be an effective barrier. Another one of our products, fine mesh netting is the perfect choice for pond owners who deal with locust leaves and/or pine needles, which will require smaller openings to keep out stubborn debris. All these low-profile pond covers allow sunlight to shine through to your pond, help prevent buildups, and provide fish pond protection by safeguarding water access to wildlife.

For more information on how to choose pond netting for your water garden, read our Learning Center article that discusses the different types of protective pond netting we offer and when to use it. Shop our selection and be prepared for each season!