Faux Rocks

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Find Real Flexibility With Fake Garden Rocks

Where boulders from your local landscape supplier are known to be big, heavy, and hard to move, faux rocks of all shapes and sizes provide a more practical and flexible alternative. These popular fake rock covers possess all the real features you love about natural stone, but you can do so much more with them. Discover affordability and other benefits when you shop artificial rocks at The Pond Guy.

From rock covers, lids, and even faux stumps that resemble the base of an oak tree, your pond decor options are endless with us. Our faux rock covers are designed to protect mechanisms such as pond filters, skimmers, and other important equipment from the outdoor elements, including fish predators and inclement weather. Faux garden rocks can even hide exposed items like garden hoses and electrical boxes to help establish a safe, clean, and inviting yard. Many of our faux rocks are also manufactured with durable fiberglass or crack-resistant plastic, giving you products that are meant to last.

At the Pond Guy, our selection of fake rock covers includes multiple color choices to help you create a cohesive landscape. With natural-looking black, tan, and gray-toned rocks available to you online, many of our products can easily be painted to better match your personalization preferences. We also have mini-to-large-sized fake rocks that can be paired together to create additional aesthetic appeal. Find the faux rocks that fit your requirements right here.