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Apply Fittings to Solidify Your Pond Plumbing System

Because constructing your pond to operate correctly and efficiently can be a complex undertaking, we have all the plastic hose fittings you need to make the pond plumbing process as simple as possible. From elbows and tees to an assortment of clamps and valves, The Pond Guy is your source for the water garden parts you need to connect the dots from day one to completion.

While the initial pond fittings you use to piece your outdoor pond's plumbing together are built to last, sometimes issues can arise as your water garden performs over time. And if that happens to you, rest assured that we have the replacement parts you need to have your pond back up and running in a hurry. Our collection of PVC pipe adapters, PVC hose connectors, and PVC hose elbows are readily available to meet your needs, whether it's at the beginning of your build or after everything has already been put in place. With so many plastic hose fittings to choose from, your ability to create a custom pond design is made possible -- and our team is always here to help along the way.

Whether you're looking for a submersible pump hose adapter or a 3-inch bulkhead fitting from us, it's important to understand which type of part you need for the function you want to achieve. Visit our Learning Center today to read Find the Right Fitting, an informative article that helps you discover the pond plumbing supplies that will best fit your needs. Shop 1, 2, and 3-inch bulkhead parts, plastic hose fittings, and more at The Pond Guy!