Submersible Pond Pumps

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Power up Your Pond With Pond Submersible Pumps for Fountains and Waterfalls

Pond pumps come in many different styles, and submersible pond pumps are a preferred option for homeowners who value visual interest the most. These products are designed to be submerged underwater while connecting to and running fountains and waterfalls both quietly and efficiently.

With a submersible fountain pump from The Pond Guy, you can enjoy the calming effects of your water feature as often as you'd like without having to worry about its performance. Underwater pumps remain out of sight and out of mind while in operation, yet still give you the reliability you're looking for. Some of the submersible pond pumps we offer can also be adjusted to your personal preferences by simply using a smartphone or tablet, connecting to an app that gives you the ability to turn pumps on or off, alter the flow rate, and manage energy consumption. All of our pond submersible waterfall pump products can be used to circulate water and introduce additional oxygen into your water garden.

When choosing from our pond submersible pump collection, you must consider the dimensions and purpose of your pond before making your selection. From a submersible pump for a fountain used to create subtle water movement to submersible pumps for ponds that power medium-to-large water features, selecting the right product is crucial to long-term effectiveness. Browse our full assortment of submersible pond pump products today and choose from over ten of the top industry brands!