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Elevate Your At-Home Experience With a Small Pondless Waterfall Kit

Pondless waterfall kits from The Pond Guy offer you benefits that go far beyond quick setup and easy maintenance. Saving you both time and the cost of labor, this customer favorite comes with every part you need to easily build beautiful pondless water features over just one weekend.

Our pondless water feature kits and garden stream kits are available in a variety of dimensions for any size waterfall installation project – from small fountains to large backyard waterfalls and garden streams. One of the biggest advantages of starting with a DIY (do it yourself) pondless waterfall kit is that you don't have to guess on the right pump or filter size, as each of our kits already calculates that for you by considering the scope of your finished project. If you are adding your very first water feature to your landscape, we recommend shopping our pondless waterfall kits by planned project size to make sure you are choosing the product that will function best in your allotted space.

DIY pondless waterfalls are a simple way to elevate your at-home experience by bringing the soothing sound of trickling water to your garden or patio. Whether you choose to spend your time reading a book or hosting family or friends, these water features are sure to be a welcomed addition. At The Pond Guy, you can start with our small pondless waterfall kits and continue adding similar products to create a bigger sight to see. Shop our selection of DIY pondless waterfall kit products and garden stream kits to start building your dream backyard today!