Pond Profile and Management Service

Aerial Mapping

Wondering how to aerate a pond or how to maintain a pond in general? We hear these questions from pond owners all the time. That’s why we created our free Pond Profile and aeration mapping service to help people like you make the most of your outdoor space and start off on the right foot with pond management tips and fundamentals.

What is a Pond Profile?

At no cost or commitment to you, we’ll use our proprietary software to accurately measure and analyze your pond. Once our analysis is complete, we'll send you a Pond Profile with a suggested aeration layout and customized pond management recommendations to teach you how to maintain your pond over time. We’ll also connect you with one of our expert Pond Techs to answer any questions about our recommendations and provide general advice.

Please note: The Pond Guy utilizes satellite maps provided by Third Party resources for all profile requests. Photo data may limit us if no recent satellite image was taken. Pond Profiles are best utilized when assiting with large ponds, typically measured in acres. For assistance on pond maintenance plans for water gardens or koi ponds please submit your inquiry here.

Next Steps

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