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Live Koi Fish for Sale in a Variety of Packages

At The Pond Guy, we offer a variety of Koi pond fish, each chosen by our breeders for beauty and hardiness. With their bold colors and easily recognizable shape,  our Japanese Koi fish for sale turn a pond into a peaceful, meditative place. Our selection of Koi for sale online includes standard and longfin varieties, selected for color, skin quality, and pattern.

Whether you are looking to buy Koi fish for the first time or are adding new inhabitants to a well-stocked Koi pond, you will find a wealth of choices among our excellent selection of live Koi fish for sale. They are available in packages from 4-24 pond Koi, making it easy to choose a package that fits the size and needs of your pond.

When you shop live Koi for sale online, you want to ensure you will receive your fish in top condition. Your Koi package from The Pond Guy includes careful packaging and free air shipping so that your live Koi fish arrive quickly and in good condition.

To learn more about Koi pond fish, including How to Acclimate Koi and Goldfish to Your Pond and How to Encourage Koi Spawning, visit the Fish Care section of our Learning Center. Shop our domestic Koi and Japanese Koi fish for sale and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of an active, colorful Koi pond.