Ion Clarifiers

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Create Chemical-Free Water Clarity With a Koi Pond Ionizer

Establish crystal-clear water in your water garden without the use of harsh chemicals by purchasing and installing a copper ionizer for ponds from The Pond Guy. These electric water clarifier systems are designed to give you more control over the appearance of your outdoor water feature.

Featuring easily adjustable settings and digital displays, our collection of advanced pond ionizer products takes the guesswork out of managing your pond. These devices deliver the proper amount of copper, silver, and zinc ions needed to ensure long-term water clarity, prevent natural string algae growth, and much more. With some of our koi pond ionizers, you can even control the device with your smartphone or tablet in ponds up to 25,000 gallons.

In addition to our selection of ionizer for ponds product, we also carry replacement anodes, probes, and control panels at The Pond Guy to give you access to all the parts that will make your koi pond ionizer work as well as possible and last longer. Buy your new pond water ionizer from us now to receive free shipping on your order of more than $99.