• Spring Start-Up

    Spring Start-Up

    Over the course of a year, your pond will accumulate debris and organics such as leaves, twigs, grass clippings and f...  Read More »
  • Summer Maintenance

    Summer Maintenance

    After your spring pond cleaning would it be nice to just sit back, relax, and watch the fish swim? It can be that eas...  Read More »
  • Fall Shutdown

    Fall Shutdown

    With cold weather approaching, it is important to know how to prepare your pond and fish to withstand the harsh winte...  Read More »
  • Winter Aeration

    Winter Aeration

    As the cool weather comes, your fish go into hibernation and you shut your filter down for the season. Though things ...  Read More »
  • Winter Pump Use

    Winter Pump Use

    A warm cup of cocoa while you relax beside your flowing waterfall can help take the edge off the frosty winter chill,...  Read More »
  • Seasonal Feeding

    Seasonal Feeding

    As the seasons change, so do your fish's feeding habits. Koi, goldfish, and other species are cold blooded and take c...  Read More »
  • Size a Pond De-Icer

    Size a Pond De-Icer

    Keeping a hold open on the surface of your pond during winter is imperative to your fish's safety. A de-icer maintain...  Read More »
  • Choose Pond Netting

    Choose Pond Netting

    Pond netting has many different applications. From preventing falling leaves or deterring predators, pond netting has...  Read More »
  • Water Feature Maintenance Tools

    Water Feature Maintenance Tools

    Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your backyard pond clean. Keeping up with doses of beneficial bacteria, c...  Read More »