Custom Size Large Pond Liner

Custom Size Large Pond Liner

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Custom PVC Pond Liner is specific to each pond site. Please call us at 866-POND-HELP (866-766-3435) to speak with a Pond Expert.

Questions: Send us your inquires on custom pond liners HERE.

Custom Size Pond Liner must be shipped via Motor Freight within 7-10 days direct to your door. Please click here for Motor Freight Shipping Charges.

  • Successfully Prevent Water Loss
  • Durable for Large Liner Applications
  • Fabricated in One Piece Up To 200'x200'

For land owners who are not able to hold water with just soil alone, plastic pond liners provide an excellent option for retaining water. The Pond Guy® offers two types of Custom Size Pond Liner: RPE (Reinforced Polyethylene) and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). Each type is available in several thicknesses to fit your application.

Our Custom Size Large Pond Liner is different than most other liners out on the market today; this is because it can be easily glued together in the field, resulting in a factory-like seam. We have sold and installed over two million square feet of this liner, all to satisfied customers! This is why we are so confident that our Custom Size Large Pond Liner is the most affordable, long lasting, and durable liner for the money!

Learn more about large pond liners in our learning center to determine if a custom liner is the best option for you.

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Custom Large Pond Liner

Tech Specs

Available Thicknesses

PVC Liner RPE Liner
20 Mil 36 Mil
30 Mil 45 Mil

Uses & Applications

Custom Liner has many uses including:

  • Farm Ponds
  • Large Decorative Ponds
  • Golf Course Ponds
  • Irrigation Reservoirs & Canals
  • Retention Ponds
  • Wastewater Treatment Pond
  • Athletic Field Construction

Liner Manufacturing

Custom factory fabrication eliminates much, if not all field seaming, as the Custom Size Large Pond Liner can be fabricated into panels up to 40,000 square feet in the climate controlled manufacturing plant and then shipped directly to your site for easy installation.

Using pre-fabricated panels makes it possible for your crew to install potentially acres of liner per day and reduce your overall construction time. For additional cost, we can always request custom fabricated panels to fit site-specific dimensions and requirements of any customer.

Precautions & Restrictions

Since PVC is degraded by sunlight; it requires being covered with a minimum of 12" (1 foot) of clean fill to function as designed.

Slopes of the pond should be limited to 3:1, and cover soils should be walked in from the bottom of the pond to the top, always keeping a minimum of 12" of clean soil between your equipment and the membrane.

Ordering Information

Call 866-POND-HELP (866-766-3435) to speak to a Pond Specialist for an accurate quote on Custom Size Large Pond Liners.

Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for Custom Size Large Pond Liner.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Custom Size Large Pond Liner is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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