FlushPACS Septic System Treatment

  • Fast Acting Enzymes Break Down Waste
  • Reduce Septic Tank Build-Up
  • Just Flush Down Toilet To Treat

Prevent septic backups and repairs with Airmax® FlushPACS™. A septic backup is a costly, ugly, smelly mess. Excess solids in the septic holding tank can buildup and cause unexpected backups and expensive repairs. When a backup happens, sewage and wastewater can enter your house through toilets, sinks and drains. For less than $2.66 per month, you can prevent repairs that can cost upward of $6,000.

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Tech Specs

Usage Information

Airmax FlushPacs
3 Month Supply
Airmax FlushPacs
6 Month Supply
Application Packets Packets
Months Of Treatment 3 Months 6 Months
Cost Per Treatment $2.66 $2.16
Shelf Life 2 Years 2 Years

How Do FlushPACS™ Compare

Airmax FlushPacs
Airmax FlushPacs Compare With Rid-X
Airmax FlushPacs Compare With Doctor Drain
Doctor Drain
Application Packets Packets Powder
Treatments Per Package 6 3 1
Cost Per Treatment* $2.16 $5.53 $4.58

*Costs based on averages from major retailers.

How To Use

Flush one FlushPACS™ packet down your toilet per month. 1 packet can treat up to a 1500 gallon tank.

When To Use

Use Airmax® FlushPACS™ if you have a septic tank. FlushPACS™ contain enzymes to break down household waster without damaging your plumbing or septic tank.


Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for FlushPACS ™ Septic System Treatment.

Septic System FAQ

What is a septic system?
For those people living in rural areas or older communities, many houses will have a septic tank. A septic tank is typically made of cement, polymer plastic or steel and comes in many sizes. Coming off of the septic tank are three pipes that make up with drain field.

How does a septic system work?
Wastewater from your house enters the septic tank through one main pipe. There are 3 layers of waste material. The top layer is known as scum. Scum is anything that will float in water, such as oils and grease. The middle layer is typically clear water. The bottom layer is sludge, any wastes that are heavy enough to sink. As wastewater enters one side of the septic tank, it displaces water on the other end into the drain field.

Why do I need additional bacteria in my septic tank?
Many household cleaners, such as bleach, and antibacterial soaps can reduce the amount of bacteria in your septic tank. If used excessively, your entire bacteria population can be wiped out and a septic tank system backup can occur. Any buildup of solids that are not broken down by bacteria or removed could potentially block your drain field and backup into your house.

What is a septic system backup?
When septic systems are not maintained properly, you may get sewage backing up inside your home's drains or begin surfacing outside around the septic tank. Most backups occur in the lowest levels of your home, including showers and basement drains. A septic system backup is smelly and extremely messy. Most backups will need to be looked and repaired at by a professional. Repairs can cost upwards of $6,000.

How can I prevent backups?
Regular maintenance of your septic system is the best way to keep things running smoothly. Here are some easy steps to follow:
1. Use FlushPACS™ . Toss one FlushPAC™ down your toilet once a month. The added bacteria helps to break down waste and reduce tank buildup.
2. Have a professional pump your septic tank every 3-5 years. Do not try this yourself; a professional should only open a septic tank.
3. Monitor what you pour down your drains.
a. Reduce the amount of household cleaners used to clean sinks and toilets.
b. Do not pour grease down the drain.
c. Do not pour hazardous materials into your drain. Paint, paint thinners, motor oil, gas and other similar chemicals are hazardous to groundwater. Dispose of these items properly according to city ordinances.

How do FlushPACS™ work?
FlushPACS™ contain natural bacteria that digest household wastes such as paper, soaps, detergents, grease and organic material. By flushing one FlushPAC™ down your toilet once per month, you replenish the amount of bacteria working to keep your septic system running smoothly. FlushPACS™ are safe for all pipes, drains and septic tanks.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. FlushPACS Septic System Treatment is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.