Pond Logic<sup>®</sup> Pond Dye Plus

Pond Logic® Pond Dye Plus

2-in-1 Formulation

  • 570107 - Nature's Blue™ - 1 Gallon
  • $47.99
  • 570110 - Twilight Blue™ - 1 Gallon
  • $47.99
  • 2-In-1 Pond Dye With PondClear
  • Shade & Protect Your Pond
  • 2 Shades Provide Same Protection

Pond Logic® Pond Dye Plus combines the forces of pond dye and natural bacteria found in PondClear. Protect and shade your pond with Pond Logic pond dye and keep your pond looking crystal clear with beneficial bacteria, One ready-to-use gallon treats up to 1 acre, 4-6 feet deep. Each color of Pond Logic® Blue Pond Dye Plus provides the same reliable protection and can be selected based on your personal color preference.

Nature's Blue is the ideal color for decorative ponds as it contrasts perfectly with lush green landscaping. Nature's Blue is our customer's favorite in pond dye.

Twilight Bluepond dye maintains a neutral blackish-blue tint that is ideal for shading and protecting your pond without making drastic changes to natural pond coloring.

Tech Specs

Usage Information

Pond Logic Pond Dye Plus
1 Gallon
Application Liquid
Active Temp 50°F
Months of Treatment For 1/4 Acre Pond (4-6 Feet Deep) Up to 4 Months
Shelf Life 2 Years

Dosage Rates

Treatment Area (4-6 Feet Deep)
Pond Dye PLUS (Every 4-8 Weeks)
Up To 1/4 Acre 1/4 - 1/2 Gallon
Up To 1/2 Acre 1/2 - 1 Gallon
Up To 3/4 Acre 3/4 - 1-1/2 Gallons
Up To 1 Acre 1 - 2 Gallons

How To Apply Pond Dye Plus

Shake well before use. Apply directly out of the container. Pond Dye Plus works best when poured in several spots along the shoreline.

When To Apply Pond Dye Plus

Apply as needed. To experience benefits of bacteria, apply when water temperatures are above 50°F. Wait 3 days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply Pond Dye Plus. Heavy rain and/or intense sunlight may require additional treatments of pond dye.


Pond Logic® Pond Dye Plus may be applied to lakes and ponds used for irrigation and aquaculture. Water treated with Pond Dye Plus may be used for recreation, fishing and other activities immediately after treatment. Safe for recreational ponds, horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife and the environment. Do not apply to water that will be used for human consumption. Not for use in small water features or water gardens.


Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for Pond Logic ® Pond Dye Plus.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Pond Logic® Pond Dye Plus is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.

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