Muck Control

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Muck Control Products for Beaches, Lakes, and Water Gardens

Keep your pond, lake, or beach sludge free with our line of muck control products. Muck or sludge is a buildup of decomposing organic debris, such as pond weeds, algae, leaves, or fish waste that collect at the bottom of your pond. If it is disturbed by swimming, boats, or fish, muck will make the water cloudy or discolored and may release foul odors.

To help eliminate these odors and regain water clarity in your pond, The Pond Guy offers customers a selection of pond and lake muck control tools and sludge reducing bacteria products. For our lake or beach front property owners, lake muck control is offered when using powerful Muck Away bacteria pellets to consume muck and rakes and razers to remove debris quickly.

For water gardens and koi hobbyists, we offer sludge reducers like Microbe-Lift Sludge Away liquid or Muck Defense pellets for a simple muck control solution to improve clarity and reduce odors. To make your pond maintenance routine quicker, easier, and much more effective, shop our selection of pond vacuum cleaners. Multiple vacuum attachments make it possible to eliminate pond sludge in the hardest to reach places.