Gravity Pond Filters

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How Do Gravity Pond Filters Work?

A gravity fed koi pond filter sits above water level, receiving dirty water from a pump. This water then flows through mechanical and biological filters that remove debris, ammonia, phosphates, and nitrites before returning clean, polished water to the pond by gravity.

Ideal for new or existing water gardens from 5,000 to 39,000 gallons, and medium to large koi ponds with heavy fish loads, these efficient filters operate at low flow rates, fostering beneficial bacteria while collecting debris and sludge. They also bind heavy metals and remove algae-stimulating phosphates.

A gravity pond filter requires less maintenance due to features like self-cleaning modes, cleaning indicators, sludge drains, and built-in thermometers. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of a gravity fed pond filtration system and keep your koi pond crystal clear. Explore The Pond Guy’s selection of gravity pond filters today!