PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters

Filters Ponds up to 10,000 Gallons

  • 110602 - 30" Spillway
  • $629.99
  • 110603 - 40" Spillway
  • $899.99
  • Add Biofiltration To You Pond
  • Great For Large Ponds
  • Add The Sound Of Falling Water

PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters are able to create beautiful high-volume waterfalls while blending seamlessly into your pond's landscape. The durable mold is reinforced with multiple ribs and gussets to make this a long lasting waterfall filter. The Elite Waterfall Filter has a removable landscape lid that can be covered with rocks, mulch or adorned with aquatic plants, while still allow easy access to your filter media. PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters also feature dual intake ports to install plumbing on either side or for installing a cleanout discharge.

PondBuilder(tm) Elite Waterfall Filter

Tech Specs

PondBuilder(tm) Elite Waterfall Filter 14 Inch Small
14" - Small
PondBuilder(tm) Elite Waterfall Filter 22 Inch Medium
22" - Medium
PondBuilder(tm) Elite Waterfall Filter 30 Inch Large
30" - Large
PondBuilder(tm) Elite Waterfall Filter 40 Inch Extra Large
40" - Extra Large
Application Waterfall Filter Waterfall Filter Waterfall Filter Waterfall Filter
Pond Size Up To 1,500 Gallons Up To 3,500 Gallons Up To 6,000 Gallons Up To 10,000 Gallons
Dimensions 24.75" L x 23" W x 21.75" H 31" L x 30.5" W x 23" H 40.5" L x 31.75" W x 23.75" H 50" L x 35.75" W x 30.75" H
Spillway Width 14" 22" 30" 40"
Max Pump Flow Rate 3,500 GPH 6,000 GPH 10,000 GPH 20,000 GPH
Inlet Size 2 - 2" Spinwelds 2 - 2" Spinwelds 2 - 3" Spinwelds 2 - 3" Spinwelds
Optional Camouflage TrueRock Small TrueRock Medium TrueRock Large N/A

Also Included: Marine Grade Stainless Hardware, Mesh Media Bag, Matala® Filter Pads, Bolt On Weir

Please Note: Filter Media for the Media Bag is not included. Click here for additional filter media. We suggest using The Pond Guy® BioBalls.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for PondBuilder ™ Elite Series Waterfall Filters.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. PondBuilder Elite Series Waterfall Filters is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.