Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres - 3 Pack

Catch More Fish

Item: 590200

1/2" PVC pipe is not included with the Fish Attractor Spheres

3+ - $39.99 Each
  • Catch More Fish
  • Increase Survival Rates For Young Fish
  • Catch Bigger Fish Without Tangling Lures

Build your own habitat with this 3 pack of Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres. Fish attractors encourage baitfish and increase survival rates by providing refuge and shade for young fish. Best of all, lures will not get hung up on this structure. Each sphere contains 26 holes for ½" PVC (PVC not included). Simply cut different lengths of PVC pipe and glue directly into the sphere. Place at varying depths in groups of at least 3 or more.

Porcupine Fish Attractor Spheres 3 Pack Porcupine Fish Attractor Spheres 3 Pack

Tech Specs

Usage Information

Sizing Your Fish Attractors

You can change the size of the attractor easily by just changing the length of the ½" pipe used in the sphere. If you are targeting shallow water fish, put 12" pipes into the sphere to give it the appearance of a short stump. Or in deeper water, use longer pipes to make it a full fledged tree top attractor. The possibilities are endless just by using different lengths of ½" pipe. You will need 26 lengths of ½" PVC pipe to complete the attractor.

Depth (feet)
PVC Length (inches)
Total Structure Height (feet)
Shallow Water 2-½' to 4' 12" 2-½'
Medium Water 4' to 6' 21" 4'
Deep Water 5-½' to 10' 30" 5-½'

How To Use

Cut ½" PVC pipe (not included) to desired length and glue them into the Porcupine® Fish Attractor spheres using PVC Cement. Once assembled, place the Porcupine® Fish Attractor directly into your pond or lake. The Porcupine® Fish Attractor will sink on its own in seconds and does not need to be anchored in still water applications. If you choose to anchor, we suggest using 2 regular sized bricks. Put the bottom pipe through the bricks and glue a tee on the end. This will keep the bricks from coming off. The Porcupine® Fish Attractor does include a pre-drilled hole to secure a weight when high winds or current is a factor or to suspend the Porcupine® Fish Attractor from your dock.

When To Use

Porcupine® Fish Attractors can be used by fishermen looking to improve fishing conditions or by pond owners looking to provide adequate habitat for fish to spawn and grow. Porcupine® Fish Attractors are ideal for newly dug ponds with little or no natural habitat or pond owners looking to stock their ponds. Porcupine® Fish Attractors can be left in the water all year long to help create a balanced fish population.

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Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres - 3 Pack is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.