The Pond Guy® BioBalls Filter Media

Item: 110540
$34.99 Each When You Buy 2+
  • Maximum Surface Area For Bacteria
  • Easy To Clean, Re-usable Biological Filter Media
  • Keep Water Healthy & Clear

The Pond Guy® BioBalls biological filter media provides an excellent source of secondary filtration media to harbor beneficial bacteria and keep your pond healthy, balanced and clear. BioBalls are a lighter and more effective solution to biological filtration than traditional porous stone. The bio ball conforms to the shape of your filter box, are easy to clean and last forever. Each box contains approximately 200 BioBalls and filters around 1,000 gallons of pond water with a minimal fish load. Use with mesh filter media bag to contain BioBalls (up to 400 BioBalls fit into the 18" x 24" media bag).

The Pond Guy BioBalls Filter Media

Tech Specs

Usage Information

The Pond Guy BioBalls Filter Media
Application Filter Media
Dimensions 1.5" Diameter
Weight 0.3 Ounces Each (200 Weighs roughly 3.5 lbs)
Gallons Filtered Per 200 BioBalls™ 1,000 Gallons

How To Use

Place the appropriate number of The Pond Guy® BioBalls into a mesh filter media bag and place into an area of your pond in direct contact with flowing water. For best results place The BioBalls on top of the filter media pad in your waterfall filter box.

When To Use

The Pond Guy® BioBalls filter media can be placed in any pond that requires additional filtration. The BioBalls can be placed in skimmer boxes, waterfall filters, or directly in your pond to increase the available surface area for beneficial bacteria.

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy ® BioBalls ™ Filter Media.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. The Pond Guy® BioBalls Filter Media is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.