The Pond Guy<sup>®</sup> Water Garden Aeration Kit

The Pond Guy® Water Garden Aeration Kit

For Ponds 1,000 - 4,000 Gallons

  • 250002 - 1 Stick Diffuser Kit & Small TrueRock™ Combo
  • $169.99
  • Enhance Oxygen Levels All Year
  • Ideal For Ponds Up To 4,000 Gallons
  • Energy Efficient Design For 24-7 Use

The Pond Guy® Water Garden Aeration Kit is the ideal choice for aerating water gardens and koi ponds up to 4,000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a low-maintenance, non-stick PTFE Membrane diffuser stick, your pond will receive the benefits of aeration. Protect your investment with a TrueRock Small Boulder to cover your aeration unit. Choose the aeration kit option for additional savings! Start aerating the water in your pond today.

The Pond Guy(r) Water Garden Aeration Kit Feature Image

Tech Specs

The Pond Guy Water Garden Aeration Kit
Water Garden Aeration Kit
Diffuser Plates 1
Max Pond Size 4,000 Gallons
Recommended Pond Size 1,000 - 4,000 Gallons
Max Diffuser Depth 4'
Warranty 3 Years
CFM 0.8
Wattage 17
Voltage 115
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)* $0.85
EasySet Weighted 3/8" Airline Included 15'
Compressor Power Cord Length 6'
SilentAir Diaphragm Compressor Model KA20
Optional TrueRock Small Boulder

*Monthly Operating Cost was calculated at $0.07 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs will vary depending on location.


Usage Information

Replacement Parts

Here are the replacement parts for The Pond Guy ® Water Garden Aeration Kit.

Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. The Pond Guy® Water Garden Aeration Kit is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.