Rubber EPDM Liner Double-Sided Seam Tape - 3"

Item: 170103
  • Ideal To Splice Pond Liner With Stream Liner
  • Super Sticky For Easy & Quick Use
  • Ensure A Seal Every Time

Double Sided 3" Seam Tape features an easy to use "Peel & Stick" method of splicing together EPDM pond liners. Once your seam has been made, cover with 5" EPDM Liner Seam-Cover Tape.

Tech Specs

Usage Information

When To Use

Double Sided 3" Seam Tape is used when seaming two pieces of EPDM liner together, applying an EPDM repair patch to a damaged liner, or to seal liner to skimmers or waterfall boxes.

How To Use

  • Position sheets of liner and align edges to required overlap. Mark bottom sheet to indicate top sheet location, then folding back top sheet.
  • Clean and/or prime the seam area of both rubber sheets using Quick Roof UltraBond SeamPrime. CAUTION: wear protective gloves and read all labels and instructions when using Quick Roof UltraBond SeamPrime.
  • Make guide marks for the splice tape much as in Step 1, except that the new marks will be 1/2" out from the edges of the bottom sheet.
  • Fold back top sheet. Begin unrolling splice tape by aligning the edge of the paper with the marks in step 3. Continue along the full length of the seam.
  • With the paper backing still attached to the tape, use a roller to ensure good contact. Place the top sheet of rubber back over the applied tape.
  • Remove the paper backing by pulling out from under the top sheet at a 45º angle. Allow top sheet to fall freely onto exposed splice tape. Roll entire seam with roller.
  • Use 5" EPDM Liner Seam-Cover Tape as extra protection for seamed liners.


Double Sided 3" Seam Tape is extremely sticky, and will easily attach to itself or anything else it makes accidental contact with.

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Weeds Treated

The first step towards effectively treating any pond weed is proper identification. Rubber EPDM Liner Double-Sided Seam Tape - 3" is recommended for use against each of the weeds listed below. Click on your desired weed for more information and alternate control options.