Pond & Lake Articles

Water Gardens Articles

  • Water Garden 101

    Water Garden 101

    Get started here with the 5 key elements to a healthy pond.
  • Aeration


    Learn how aeration promotes a healthy ecosystem in your water garden.
  • Algae Control

    Algae Control

    Learn how to eliminate and prevent unsightly string algae and green water.
  • Building a Pond or Feature

    Building a Pond or Feature

    Learn the basics of building a water garden or water feature into your landscape.
  • Filtration


    Learn about the various mechanical and biological filtration options for your water garden.
  • Fish Care

    Fish Care

    Learn about keeping your fish healthy and safe.
  • Plant Care

    Plant Care

    Learn how plants beautify your pond and how to care for them.
  • Pumps


    Learn about choosing and maintaining a pump for your water garden or feature.
  • Seasonal Care & Maintenance

    Seasonal Care & Maintenance

    Learn about pond maintenance in all seasons.
  • Natural Water Treatments

    Natural Water Treatments

    Learn about natural water treatments for your water feature or koi pond.
  • Other Water Garden Articles

    Other Water Garden Articles

    Learn about other areas of Water Gardens.
  • Water Garden Weekly Pond Talk

    Water Garden Weekly Pond Talk

    Check often for answers to commonly asked pond questions by other water garden owners.