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Adding Pond Dye to Water Gardens

Adding Pond Dye to Water Gardens

If you're new to the hobby, adding dye to your pond may seem like a foreign concept! Why would you want to add color to the water you're working so hard to keep clear? Pond dye provides aesthetic and practical benefits to water gardens that help them stay clean and clear while adding a touch of beauty. Ultimately, adding dye to water gardens is a matter of preference, and we've outlined some enticing reasons below.

Benefits of Dying a Pond

Adding dye to your decorative pond does more than give your water feature a unique and appealing look. The dye provides several functional benefits, as well:

  • Simulate depth: Some people use dye in their ponds to make a shallow pond seem deeper. If you have a 14-inch-deep pond, adding black dye can make it appear five feet deep. The optical illusion also creates an appealing mirror effect, making fountains and landscaping pop.
  • Fish safety: When predators fly overhead or lurk alongside the pond, a little pond dye with some predator control measures will go a long way in protecting your fish. Koi and goldfish will dart to your pond's dark depths when a heron or raccoon threatens them. Our fish-safe pond dye serves a similar purpose, making it harder for predators to spot your finned friends.
  • Aesthetics: Aesthetic appeal remains the primary reason folks use dye in their ponds. A crystal blue or dark, reflective pond mimics what you'd find in nature. Couple that with a tranquil landscape, and you’ll have an attractive Aquascape that draws all the oohs and ahhs!

Pond Dye Colors

First, let's discuss the dyes themselves. Pond dye typically comes in shades of black and blue. Black pond dye, like  The Pond Guy Black Pearl PondShade, gives shaded ponds a rich look and turns a brown or gray water feature into a stunning pool that reflects the trees and landscape. Blue pond dye, like The Pond Guy Blue Sapphire PondShade, gives ponds a natural-looking blue color and looks best in features surrounded by manicured or open landscapes. Midnight blue-black pond dyes offer the best of both worlds with a deep tint that’s both natural and reflective. Mix black and blue pond dye together in desired proportions to achieve this attractive shade.

How to Apply Pond Dye to Water Gardens

You'll find these pond dyes in concentrated form. One ounce of The Pond Guy PondShade tints a 1,000-gallon pond for up to 16 months. Add the recommended amount for a balanced color or adjust the dose for lighter or darker results. The dye diffuses throughout the pond within several hours, and it’s safe for people, pets, fish, and wildlife.

More Natural Water Garden Treatments

Pond dye is just one of the easy-to-use, proactive treatments that help keep your water garden clean and clear. To learn more of the top tips and tricks for maintaining water clarity, contact our helpful pond professionals today at 866-766-3435.

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