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Benefits of the DefensePAC

Benefits of the DefensePAC

A balanced pond does not just happen, you create and maintain it. One key element to a clean, clear and balanced ecosystem is natural bacteria. These bacteria break down excess organic material leaving behind a clean pond.

With the different options for bacteria products out there, you may be asking yourself if you actually need more than one. After all, bacteria is bacteria, right? As it turns out, not really. In nature, there are thousands of different bacteria species and each one of them does a slightly different job. Take for instance The Pond Guy DefensePAC, this 6 month pond care package has three types of bacteria strains chosen for their unique abilities. When used together, these bacteria will leave your water crystal clear, eliminate noxious pond odors, and remove the muck.

Start in the Spring

You can start with the DefensePac as soon as the ice melts and water temperatures are consistently above 40°F. The first products in the pack you'll use are Oxy-Lift Defense and Seasonal Defense. They're perfect for cleaning out your pond and prepping it for spring. The other ingredients in DefensePAC -including Nature's Defense, Clarity Defense and Muck Defense can be used on a routine basis throughout the spring and summer.

Here's a breakdown of those microorganisms that are breaking down the organics in your water garden.

Nature's Defense

Think of the bacteria in Nature's Defense as your top-down approach. Nature's Defense attacks organic debris suspended in the water column, like fish waste, uneaten food, and leaves, that cause murky water. Upon entering the water, the packet will dissolve and the bacteria will get to work breaking down phosphates, nitrogen, and other nutrients. Nature's Defense is designed to be used throughout the summer when water temperatures are over 50°F. For best results, use it in conjunction with Muck Defense.

Muck Defense

Get rid of the unsightly accumulation of organic debris at the bottom of your water garden with Muck Defense. The tablets sink straight down so the bacteria can start working. These bottom loving bacteria clean the sludge out of all those hard to reach places between your rocks and gravel. Muck Defense is designed to be used throughout the summer when water temperatures are over 50°F.

Seasonal Defense

Though Nature's Defense and Muck Defense work 24/7 during summer, they clock out for spring and fall. This is where Seasonal Defense comes in handy. This 2-in-1 Natural Bacteria & Barley mixture thrives in cooler water, preferring temperatures between 40-50°F. In the fall, Seasonal Defense accelerates the decomposition of leaves, scum, and sediment that create muck. Come spring, use Seasonal Defense to jump-start your biological filters and replenish the bacteria lost during winter.

A Little Extra

Clarity Defense is a trusty sidekick that will accelerate your results by stimulating bacteria growth. Clarity Defense is a flocculent, meaning that it locks up excess phosphates and clumps together tiny particles so they get trapped in your filter. It also adds trace minerals for your fish and buffers the pond's pH.

Fall Prep

Continue with all products until water temperatures dip below the 50's. Switch back to Seasonal Defense to combat the falling leaves until water temperatures are once again below 40 degrees. Store all of your DefensePAC products in the sealed container, out of the cold, until you are ready to go again next season.

With all these great products in the DefensePAC, you can look forward to a great looking pond where your fish and plants can thrive.