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Do I need to hire someone to install lighting in my pond, or is that something I can do?
ASKED BY: Tiffany of Savannah, TN
ASKED BY: Tiffany of Savannah, TN

Do I need to hire someone to install lighting in my pond, or is that something I can do?

A: Unless you're planning a Bellagio-esque display in your backyard, you can most certainly install some show-stopping lighting. It's perfect for the do-it-yourselfer: A simple transformer and some quick connections allow any homeowner to take their water feature to the next level.

Layout Lighting Goals
Before you dive in, however, brainstorm what you'd like the lighting to do. What are your goals?

  • If you'd like to highlight one area in your landscape or water feature, check out the Luminosity Power Beam. It is a great way to add nighttime illumination to any pond or water garden. The LED light controller allows you to change or rotate colors from red, blue to white automatically. This spotlight is equipped with 144 super bright LED's and last 10 times longer than conventional lighting.
  • If you'd like to illuminate a waterfall or accent a small water feature, take a look at the Color Changing Spot Lights. Use these pond spotlights above ground or under water and select from 48 different colors to add eye catching curb appeal.
  • If you'd like to light up your entire pond, try LEDPro Lights. They can be used in or out of water and shine with the same intensity as a halogen bulb, but with a longer life span and lower energy cost.

Easy Installation
Installing these lighting systems is easy. If you're considering the High Output lights, there's virtually no work at all. These lights contain a photocell, so the light will automatically turn on when it's dark and turn off when the sun rises.

Most other pond lights we offer have standard plugs, so there's no need for additional control panels or wiring. Before installing them, check out these pro tips:

  • To give you better access, partially drain the pond when installing the lights.
  • Leave extra power cord wrapped around the light so you can easily access it for maintenance or cleaning without draining the pond.
  • Position the lights so they shine out into the pond rather than facing you.