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Phosphate Control Study With EcoBoost PRx

Phosphate Control Study With EcoBoost PRx

The Proof is in the Science

An independent study with Airmax Natural Water Treatments

The Pond:

Two ponds (1.2 and 0.5 acres, approximately 9 ft deep) located in Rochester, Michigan, were suffering from years of neglect and a significant influx of runoff from the surrounding area.

Pond owners approached Airmax at the end of 2019 requesting help with their pond (the 1.2-acre pond), which had a history of poor water quality and excessive algal blooms.

Airmax began with water analysis at an independent laboratory where it was discovered that Free Reactive Phosphorus (FRP) levels were almost five times the 'Eutrophication Limit.' The analysis confirmed that high phosphorus levels were the root cause of pond problems.

The Plan:

Treat the 1.2-acre pond with the phosphate binder EcoBoost PRx. Treatments were conducted biweekly for 16 weeks, with EcoBoost PRx applied by boat sprayer. The nearby 0.5-acre pond, with similar environmental and weather influences, remained untreated and used as a control. At the beginning and end of the study, representative water samples were collected and taken to an independent laboratory for testing.

The Results:

At the end of 16 weeks, results showed the pond treated with EcoBoost PRx reduced FRP by 98%. Not only did EcoBoost PRx limit external loading, but it prevented internal loading from affecting the waterbody. The treated pond had significant improvements in water clarity compared to the controlled pond.

After a successful season of treatment, the pond owners decided to continue a yearly program of EcoBoost PRx treatments.

Full Study:

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