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PondClear vs MuckAway
Before and After Using MuckAway on Lake Front
Before and After Using MuckAway on Lake Front

PondClear vs MuckAway

In 1998, an American microbiologist determined that the number of bacteria on Earth at that time was five million trillion trillion. This is the number 5 followed by thirty zeroes – an impossible number to comprehend. That's a lot of microorganisms. With all those different types of bacteria, it's safe to say that not all bacteria work the same way. PondClear and MuckAway, for example, both contain human- and animal-safe bacteria that will reduce nutrients and improve the overall quality of your farm pond or lake, but they differ in the types of debris they target.

Suspended Debris

PondClear is designed to clean the water from the top down. It contains beneficial bacteria that devours excess nutrients that are suspended in the water, which feed algae. The floating material may also cause your pond or lake to appear cloudy. The beneficial microorganisms in PondClear consume and digest that suspended organic matter, leaving you with clean, clear, odor-free water and a balanced ecosystem. Imagine thousands of hungry bacteria, which multiply every 20 to 40 minutes, swimming through your pond or lake and gobbling through the excess nutrients.

After just a few weeks of use, chemical-free PondClear will begin to clear up your water and dissipate any lingering odors. PondClear comes in easy-to-use, pre-measured water-soluble packets that you simply toss into your pond or lake every two weeks. It's even safe to use in ponds and lakes that water horses, livestock, pets, birds and other wildlife, as well as those that contain game fish.

Sunken Debris

MuckAway cleans the water from the bottom up. It focuses on sunken organic debris – also known as pond muck – that has accumulated along the beach, shoreline or pond bottom. The MuckAway pellets sink below the water's surface and dissolve, releasing hungry beneficial bacteria that instantly begin consuming and digesting the settled debris. MuckAway is perfect for spot-treating trouble areas and controlling leeches by destroying their habitat while MuckAwayTL will work to treat the entire pond. MuckAway TL is a more concentrated formula than regular MuckAway so it will work on entire bodies of water.

The result of regular use of MuckAway is improved water clarity and reduced odor. With regular use, MuckAway and MuckAway Total Lake can break down and eliminate 2 inches of muck per month—and that means fewer nutrients to feed algae blooms. As with PondClear, MuckAway is safe to use around horses, livestock, pets, birds, wildlife and in lakes that contain game fish.

A Perfect Pair

The bacteria in MuckAway and PondClear work well on their own, but they really take care of business when used together. Used as directed, this dynamic duo will begin working right away and deliver a clear, fresh-smelling pond within one month of use. If you have issues with water clarity, odor and muck, give these bacteria a try.

Keep in mind that these products will take some time to kick in. It took a long time for the muck and debris to collect in your pond or lake, and so it won't disappear overnight. Be patient and follow the dosage schedule, and you'll ultimately be pleased with the results. MuckAway and PondClear are available in the ClearPAC Plus that has everything you need to care for your pond for a full six months.

Help Out the Beneficial Bacteria

To give the microorganisms a performance boost, add an aeration system to the pond and increase the water's circulation. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to live, thrive and reproduce. An aeration system, such as an Airmax Aeration System will diffuse oxygen into the water while increasing the water's movement and exposure to surface oxygen.