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Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

After your spring pond cleaning would it be nice to just sit back, relax, and watch the fish swim? It can be that easy with just some light maintenance throughout the season.

Water Treatments

The DefensePAC has everything you need to help keep your pond clean and clear for up to six months. The products in the DefensePAC are designed to be used on a regular basis throughout the season. These products will eliminate excess nutrients in the water that algae would use for a food source, cutting down the chance for algae to grow. The DefensePAC even has a product, Seasonal Defense, to use in the early spring and fall when the water is below 50°F.

Water Garden Aeration Kits

Warm water holds less oxygen than cooler water, so making sure your aeration kit is running efficiently is essential. Since an aeration kit's job is pulling air through it, be sure to check the air filter frequently. Most water garden aeration kits are powered by a diaphragm compressor. Make sure you check the maintenance section of your manual to see how often the diaphragms need to be replaced.


Your pond plants should cover approximately 40-60% of your pond for shade coverage. Pruning dead plant material throughout the growing season will help your plants grow big and strong. Using tools, like the Pond Scissors & Pliers, will make this job easier. Additionally, applying the proper fertilizer to individual plants will provide more foliage and beautiful blooms.

Filter Media

Filters and nets in your skimmer box should be cleaned as needed so they do not get clogged with debris. Waterfall filters should only be cleaned when absolutely necessary. These filters are where your beneficial bacteria grow and thrive. If these filters need to be cleaned, we recommended using a bucket of pond water to gently swish them in. This will keep the good bacteria in their natural habitat. If it is necessary to power clean them or replace them, jump start bacteria growth with PL Gel.


Keeping up with the little stuff on a regular basis will mean no all-day cleaning duty. The ClearVac is designed to make maintaining your pond fast and easy. Just a quick vacuum every week or so will remove any debris that has fallen into the pond to prevent a large, unsightly buildup.

Test the Water

Another part of summer pond maintenance is checking the water for pH, nitrite, ammonia, and phosphate. Too much nitrite, ammonia, and phosphate in the water can wreak havoc with fish and plants. If the pH of the water is too high or too low the fish can become stressed and will be more susceptible to sickness and disease. The Master Test Kit contains four tests and easy to read color charts so you will be confident in your answers.


Keep an eye on how much you feed your fish. Overfeeding can cause extra stress on fish. Food that does not get eaten and the excess fish waste will lead to increased muck buildup, which is what algae loves to eat, and cloudy water. The overabundance if debris can also have an effect on the ammonia and pH levels of the water.

What to do if you get algae?

If you do end up with an algae bloom in the summer, make sure to use a product that is appropriate to the size of your pond and watch for additives that can be harmful to fish and snails. Always have vigorous aeration running when using any type of algae killer. Check out our articles on Water Garden Algae Control