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What is the Airmax Ecosystem?

Are you struggling to maintain your pond or lake? Does it get more difficult each year to keep it under control? Are you looking for an easier way to a clean, clear, thriving pond or lake?

Airmax is the leading manufacturer of aeration and natural water treatments for ponds and lakes. For over 20 years, Airmax has been helping pond owners like you achieve a clean, clear, thriving pond or lake.

Airmax’s success is based on a simple, 3-Step approach to Pond and Lake Management known as the Airmax Ecosystem. Whether you have a small pond or a 100-acre lake, the 3 Steps of the Airmax Ecosystem are the same: React, Prevent, Aerate.

Before we fully explore the Airmax Ecosystem process, let’s learn more about the natural progression of ponds and lakes.

Natural Progression of a Pond or Lake

When a pond is newly formed, it is an uncomplicated waterbody, which has a firm clay or sand bottom and clean, healthy water. As a pond ages, natural decomposition of leaves, grass clippings, fish waste and other organic debris accumulate on the bottom of the pond.

This decomposition, combined with the heavy flow of nutrient-rich rainwater runoff, which carries fertilizers, phosphates, and other contaminants, leads to excessive plant and algae growth. Excessive nutrients are the root cause of most pond problems. In addition to high nutrient levels, your pond could also suffer from low oxygen levels caused by poor water circulation.

As time progresses, nature is gradually taking over the pond, transforming it into a swamp, overrun with rampant weed growth, widespread algae blooms, and poor overall water quality.  Now that you have a better understanding of what happens to a pond naturally, let’s learn how the 3 Steps of the Airmax Ecosystem can not only stop, but reverse this aging process.

The Airmax Ecosystem: 3 Steps to Pond & Lake Management

Now that you have a better understanding of what happens to a pond naturally, let’s learn how the 3 Steps of the Airmax Ecosystem can not only stop but reverse this aging process.

React: Control Algae & Remove Excessive Growth

Often the first step many pond owners take is to react to the issues that are easy to spot. Excessive weed and algae growth can create an unsightly pond environment, one that chokes the life out of the delicate ecosystem and harms the overall habitat.

Reactive treatments, such as algaecides and herbicides, and mechanical control with weed rakes and weed razers, allow pond owners to gain a foothold on excessive growth by providing highly effective, short-term solutions to these common pond problems.

While reactive treatments will continue to be a necessary part of maintaining your pond or lake, combining reactive steps with the other steps for successful management will result in less frequent use of chemicals, less physical labor, and more long-lasting results.

Prevent: Eliminate Muck & Improve Water Clarity

As mentioned previously, nutrients flood the aquatic environment as runoff from farms, lawn fertilizers and animal waste, as well as from decaying vegetation such as leaves, twigs and grass clippings. Unless you can control these nutrients, your pond’s overall nutrient load will continue to rise, fueling algae and aquatic plants to grow out of control.

All ponds contain natural beneficial bacteria. These microscopic organisms break down organic waste and nutrients. The problem is, there is not enough naturally occurring bacteria to keep up with the nutrient influx your pond receives. The solution is to give your pond a boost of beneficial bacteria treatments to accelerate nutrient and muck reduction.

Preventive, proactive pond care begins with Airmax natural water treatments:

  • EcoBoost PRx is designed to bind phosphates quickly, safely, and effectively, making them unusable as a food source for plant growth. EcoBoost PRx is best used as a “reset” button, quickly binding phosphates throughout the entire water column and restoring your overall water quality.
  • PondClear is The Original Natural Clarifier leading the industry as the most effective and proven solution in water clarity. PondClear beneficial bacteria work continuously from the top down, digesting organic debris and odors common with poor water quality, leaving you with a clean, clear ecosystem. In addition to specialized natural bacteria, PondClear includes a maintenance dose of EcoBoost PRx to continuously bind phosphates that enter your pond from the outside environment.
  • MuckAway is the Original Muck Reducer leading the industry as the most effective and proven solution for muck reduction. MuckAway is formulated with specialized beneficial bacteria that work from the bottom up, digesting and eliminating several inches of pond muck each month.

Airmax natural bacteria water treatments are comprised of all-natural ingredients and can be used in waterbodies used for swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities.

You can also further enhance the look of your pond by adding pond dye. Pond dye beautifies your pond while providing fish shade and protection from the sun and predators, such as herons and other wildlife.

Looking to save time, money, and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package? The ClearPAC Plus is a complete system to a clear pond without the muck! Combine the power of Nature's Blue Pond Dye, PondClear, EcoBoost PRx, and MuckAway to fight poor water clarity, suspended organics, excessive nutrients, and bottom pond muck, all while beautifying your pond for the entire season.

Aerate: Circulate Water & Increase Oxygen Levels

Increasing circulation and oxygen levels in an aquatic environment has dramatic, positive effects, which is why aeration is the final and most powerful step to the Airmax Ecosystem.

Airmax Aeration Systems are comprised of a powerful and efficient, continuous-duty SilentAir compressor, connected to the exclusive Airmax ProAir diffuser located at the bottom of your pond or lake. Airmax’s ProAir diffuser circulates the water column with micro air bubbles, mixing the warm water at the surface with the cooler water at the bottom of the pond or lake.

Increased circulation eliminates water stratification, boosts oxygen saturation improving water quality, and further enhances the overall natural ecosystem of your pond or lake. By keeping your pond’s oxygen level high and circulating the water continuously, you'll dramatically reduce the chance of algae blooms, heavy weed growth, and fish kills caused by turnover.

The increased oxygen levels created by aeration will also accelerate the benefits of PondClear and MuckAway by providing an oxygen-rich environment for natural bacteria to thrive.

The 3 Steps of the Airmax Ecosystem (React, Prevent, Aerate) will revitalize your waterbody, almost like a Fountain of Youth, creating a clean, clear, thriving pond or lake you can enjoy for years to come.

Free Pond Profile / Aeration Mapping Service

Not sure which Airmax Aeration System is right for you? Let us create a pond profile and we will guarantee the results!

At no cost or commitment to you, we will use our proprietary software to accurately measure and analyze your pond. Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a Pond Profile which will include a complete aeration layout and DIY management program with specific recommendations for maintaining a beautiful, balanced pond.

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