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Which Type of Aeration System is Right for My Pond

Which Type of Aeration System is Right for My Pond

It can be tricky figuring out the right aeration system for a pond, particularly if it is oddly shaped, but it's important to get it right. If your aeration system is not sized correctly, you could risk reducing the oxygen levels and building up toxic gas in the water, resulting in an increased chance of fish kills, algae blooms and thick pond muck - not something you want in your pond. We offer aeration options for ponds of all sizes and shapes. Choosing the best aeration system for your pond will depend on four basic factors: your pond's size, its shape, and its depth and your ability to access power.

Bottom Diffused Bubblers:

An overwhelming majority of ponds fit into the category of bottom diffused aeration. These systems come with a cabinet that sits on the shore. The cabinet houses an energy efficient air compressor. This compressor is then connected to a diffuser plate(s) that sits on the bottom of the pond. These diffusers create small bubbles that not only allow for adequate aeration, but also circulation. Many pond owners assume that since power is not located by the shore of their pond, that a bottom bubbler will not work. Just to clarify, a bottom diffused aeration system can be placed away from the pond's edge. Airmax Aeration Systems may even be up to 1,000 feet from the pond using direct burial airline.

Offered in three types of series, these pond aeration systems can aerate a pond up to 6+ acres and 50' deep.

  • Shallow Water Series – The SW20 and SW40 are designed for ponds up to 6' deep and have 2 or 4 diffuser plates. These energy efficient systems feature a dual-diaphragm compressor.
  • PondSeries – Available with 1-6 diffuser plates, these systems use rocking piston compressors that can be used in ponds up to 50' deep.
  • LakeSeries – The biggest systems, able to aerate up to 50' deep. These units contain two rocking piston compressors housed within one cabinet and 4 or 6 diffuser plates.


Fountains are a great aesthetic piece for any farm pond. Fountains rest on the surface of the pond, pull water from below and push it into the air to make a decorative spray pattern. Because of the way they are designed, they will only pull water from about 6 feet down. When a pond is deeper than 6 feet it is best to go with both a Fountain as well as a Bottom Bubbler to have adequate aeration. When the pond has a depth of 6 feet or less than a fountain will act as both an aerator as well as a decorative piece. Please note: Depending on your pond's size, you may need more than one Fountain to properly aerate.

Surface Aeration:

Similar to fountains, Surface Aeration Systems have a limited capacity for aerating a pond that is deep. If your pond is less than 6' deep, you would like to see a lower-profile of water movement than what a fountain or you need to quickly infuse a lot of oxygen into your water, then these are the systems for you.


Mainly for moving water below the surface, Circulators are used to move debris from boat wells, keep ice from forming around docks, or to help create directional movement in dead zones.


Windmills are a great alternative if you do not have power within 1,000 feet of the pond. These pond aeration systems can be used in ponds up to 15' deep, the deeper the pond, the larger the area is can aerate. It is important to keep in mind that windmills need constant wind in order to provide continuous aeration and should not be used as a direct substitute for electrically powered aeration systems

Solar Bottom Diffused Aeration:

Solar aeration is another alternative energy option for customers looking to go green. Solar powered aerators are fully automated and designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating systems. For days with less than ideal conditions, the battery backup system will kick in to run the system like normal. This Solar Aeration System is designed for all climates, hot and cold! These pond aeration systems can be used in ponds up to 25' deep and can have up to 4 diffuser plates.

Still Need Help?

Do you have your depth measured but still do not know what system you need? We are here to help! We offer a FREE Pond Profile Service. An Aeration Expert will map your pond and design an aeration system for you.