Vacuum Replacement Parts

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Keep Your Pond Vacuum Running Well With Parts & Accessories

Make cleaning your outdoor water garden easier and more productive when you buy pond vacuum accessories at The Pond Guy. We carry a multitude of products that will help keep your vacuum running as well as possible and your water garden spotless.

Adding vacuum cleaner replacement parts to your existing collection of pond equipment is highly recommended for pond owners who want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors. Parts that work properly are more efficient and ensure that each time you turn your pond vacuum on, you're maximizing performance. Not only are replacement parts great substitutes for worn out, damaged, or missing pieces, but pond vacuum accessories can also elevate your vacuum's effectiveness and add to what it's capable of doing. Whether you're in search of kits that ensure you have all the parts you need or hose extensions that allow you to work further from your house, we have accessories that will reduce the time and energy you spend on cleaning.

The assortment of parts and add-ons available at The Pond Guy include brush attachments, foam filters, extension hoses, and a wide variety of nozzles that target muck, algae, and other types of debris in your pond. Find pond vacuum accessories from top industry brands and receive free shipping on your order of more than $99.