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Do Koi Fish Have Teeth?

Do Koi Fish Have Teeth?

A:Many people wonder, do Koi have teeth? The answer is yes, these colorful “swimming jewels” do, in fact, have teeth!

You may not be able to tell by looking at them, because koi will never give you a big, toothy grin.

That’s because koi’s teeth are not in the front of their mouths, but in the back. They may look toothless, but Koi actually have several rows of teeth located at the back of their throat.

Do Koi Fish Bite?

There’s no need to worry about getting bitten by koi if you have them or decide to add them to your backyard pond or water gardens.

While koi do have teeth, they are not razor sharp or pointed or jagged. Koi teeth are smooth and rounded, like molars. And since their teeth are in the back of their mouth, you would have to reach down their throat to feel them!

The number of teeth a koi has will vary throughout their life, as their teeth continue to grow, fall out, and be replaced. You might notice little white specks at the bottom of your pond or water garden. Those are your koi’s teeth!

What Do Koi Fish Eat?

Koi are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods. They like to munch on algae, aquatic vegetation, insects and small crustaceans.

Their teeth come in handy when it comes time to crush and grind up the crustacean shells and insect bodies to get to the yummy nutrition inside!

Like humans, koi need a balanced diet to thrive. Did you know that a koi’s colors are affected by what they eat?

For healthy, vibrant-looking koi, our koi fish food pellets and sticks have the vitamins and nutrients to support their vibrant colors and long life. Our Growth and Vibrance Fish Food contains top-quality ingredients, vitamins, natural color intensifiers and easy-to-absorb minerals that enhance the colors in both koi and goldfish.

You can even help intensify your koi’s brilliance by feeding them some brightly colored fruit like oranges and watermelon!

Do Koi Fish Bite Humans?

Have you ever heard of the “Attack of the Killer Koi?” Of course not, because koi are not attack fish! Koi will not bite the hand that feeds them. Speaking of feeding, did you know that you can train koi to take food right from your hand?

Establish a routine by visiting your pond at the same time and location every day and your koi will start to notice. If your koi are not too skittish, they may even race to greet you!

Toss a few pellets of Koi Food to your finned friends and wait as they come up to nibble them.

Once you see that your koi are not afraid, place your hand close to the water’s surface and hold out a few pellets. The most you’ll feel is a little nuzzle that feels more like a tickle!

So, no, the answer is, koi do not bite humans.


Still have questions about koi, how to care for them, and what to feed them?

Contact us to let one of our experts answer all your pond and koi care questions.

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